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ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology & Endocrinology in Domestic Animals Exam 1 (100 pts: Feb. 7, 2011) Name: _______________________________ Page 1 of 4 Please match each numbered phrase with the most appropriate answer by placing the letter in the correct blank. Answers can only be used once (1 pt each). 1) ___ Steroid hormone that stimulates cervical secretions during estrus. A) Granulosa cells 2) ___ Highly vascularized, non-secretory areas that give rise to ruminant placenta. B) Parenchyma 3) ___ Nurse cells that stimulate follicle development. C) Caruncles 4) ___ Location of semen deposition in the mare during natural mating. D) Ovulation Fossa 5) ___ Secretory epithelium lining the lumen of the female reproductive tract. E) Vagina 6) ___ Steroid hormone produced by the leydig cells of the testicle. F) Penile Spines 7) ___ Anatomical structure in male cat that stimulates LH surge during mating. G) Activin 8) ___ Suspensory tissue surrounding the reproductive tract. H) Mucosa 9) ___ Location of receptors for steroid hormones. I) Cell membranes 10) ___ Steroid hormone that assist in forming cervical plug of pregnancy. J) cAMP 11) ___ Anatomical structure that serves as a copulatory organ & birth canal. K) Estrogen 12) ___ Name of anatomical structure in mare where ovulation occurs. L) Serosa 13) ___ Hypothalamic hormone that is involved in water balance of the body. M) Kentucky 14) ___ Common name of cellular mass that comprises 70% of testis N) Broad ligament 15) ___ Anatomical structure where fertilization occurs in the female. O) Fructose 16) ___ Who did the Gators beat in basketball this past Saturday? P) Oviduct 17) ___ Protein hormone produced by ovary that inhibits FSH secretion. Q) Testosterone 18) ___ Second messenger that stimulates intracellular actions. R) Seminiferous tubules 19) ___ Location of receptors for protein hormones. S) Cell membranes 20) ___ Specific anatomical structure in testis where spermatogenesis occurs T) Sertoli cells 21) ___ Primary energy source found in seminal fluid U) Inhibin 22) ___ Nurse cells that stimulate sperm cell production. V) Progesterone
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ANS3319Exam1_Spring2011 - ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology...

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