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Unformatted text preview: trus (event B1) (1 pt)? _______________________________________ 5. Please provide four different signals suggesting that a mare is in estrus (4 pts)? 6. Names of the hypothalamic and anterior pituitary hormones that the hormone in question 3.a.2 stimulates a surge in (2 pts)? _______________________________________________________ 7. Event that occurs shortly after event B1 and is initiated by hormones in question 3.a.4. (1 pt)? ___________ b. Phase of the estrous cycle represented by the area depicted from B1 to A2 (1 pt)? ________________________ 1. This phase also consists of two specific stages, what are they (2 pt)? _________________________________ 2. Predominate steroid hormone produced during the period defined by B1 to A2 (1 pt)? __________________ 3. Ovarian structure that secretes hormone depicted by line C...
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