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Unformatted text preview: (1 pt)? __________________________________ c. In the non- pregnant animal, what event is depicted by D (2 pt)? _______________________________________ 1. What lipid derived hormone is responsible for event D (1 pt)? ______________________________________ 2. Origin of the signal responsible for event depicted in D in cow, ewe, and sow (1 pt)? ____________________ Page 3 of 5 ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology & Endocrinology in Domestic Animals Exam 2 (100 pts: Mar. 16, 2011) Name: _______________________________ Short answer 4) The testes contain the machinery that produces a constant supply of sperm cells for the male. Please answer the following questions as they apply to spermatogenesis. a. Steroid hormone necessary in high concentrations for spermatogenesis (2 pt)? _________________________ b. Specific cellular...
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