H x chromosome 9 nutritional anestrous is due to

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Unformatted text preview: hormone responsible for the sexual drive in male. F) Swine 7) ____ Specific location in testes where spermatogenesis occurs. G) Electroejaculator 8) ____ Chromosome that contains the testes determining factor gene. H) X- Chromosome 9) ____ Nutritional anestrous is due to the absence of what hypothalamic hormone? I) GnRH 10) ____ Absence of the menstrual cycle in reproductive age women. J) Y Chromosome 11) ____ Anatomical structure in male dog associated with “the tie” during mating. K) Mitochondrial helix 12) ____ Physical response that allows aspiration of fluids across vomeronasal glands L) Nitric oxide 13) ____ Period where normal ovarian function ceases to exist in women. M) Sponatneous 14) ____ The hand- cone procedure is used to collect semen in what species? N) 45 15) ____ Primary ster...
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