S acrosomal cap 20 location of the metabolic power

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Unformatted text preview: oid hormone responsible for the sexual receptivity in female. O) Seminiferous tubules 16) ____ Cows, horses, humans, and pigs are known as _________ ovulators. P) Bulbus glandis 17) ____ Period without regular estrous cycles frequently observed in animals. Q) Induced 18) ____ Length of the estrous cycle in months in the dog R) Canine 19) ____ Hormone produced by testis that inhibits FSH secretion. S) Acrosomal cap 20) ____ Location of the metabolic power plant of sperm cell. T) Puberty 21) ____ The handglove procedure is used to collect semen in what species? U) Anestrus 22) ____ Hormone that enhances GnRH secretion during decreased light periods in sheep. V) Amenorrhea 23) ____ Procedure was used in lab to collect semen from the bull. W) 21 24) ____ Compou...
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