When collecting semen for an artificial insemination

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Unformatted text preview: process that leads to genetic diversity of sperm cells (2 pt)? ___________________________ c. Specific name of differentiation process where sperm head & tail develop (1 pt)? _______________________ d. In what compartment of the seminiferous tubule does the event in question 4c occur (1 pt)? _______________ e. The figure below depicts motility of ejaculates collected from two bulls over a period of 16 weeks. Bull A is represented by circles and was maintained at 23°C for 16 weeks (No heat stress). Bull B is represented by triangles and was heat stressed for 8 weeks at 31°C for 8 h and 35°C for 16 h of each 24 hour day. At week eight, the heat stressed bull (Bull B) was maintained at 23°C for 8 weeks. Please answer the following questions as they relate to this s...
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