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Unformatted text preview: ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology & Endocrinology in Domestic Animals Quiz 2 (25 pts: Oct. 14, 2011) Name: _______________________________ Please place the most appropriate answer the blank provided. Please spell out all terms (0.5 pts each). 1) Dog Female companion animal with an average age at puberty of 6 to 24 months. 2) Primary Abnormality associated with head of the sperm is a _______ abnormality? 3) FSH Anterior pituitary hormone that stimulates sertoli cell function. 4) Mitosis Cellular process that results in stem cell renewal and replacement of A1 spermatogonia. 5) Bull Farm animal that ejaculates approximately 2 to 12 mL semen. 6) Auburn Who do the Gators play in football this weekend? 7) Horse/bovine Female farm animal species with an average age at puberty of 12 to 19 months. 8) Secondary Abnormality associated with tail of the sperm is a _______ abnormality? 9) Electroejaculator Method of semen collection that can be used in both the cat and bull. 10) Acrosome Specific section of sperm cell involved in digestion of zona pellucida of oocyte. 11) Stallion Farm animal that ejaculates approximately 60 to 120 mL semen. 12) Estrogen Steroid hormone that has a negative effect on LH secretion in the prepubertal female. 13) Puberty Age at first behavioral estrus and (or) ovulation is known as? 14) Cat Female companion animal that has an average age at puberty 4 to 12 months. 15) Dog Hand- cone procedure is used to collect semen in what species? 16) Y Sex chromosome that contains the testis- determining factor gene. 17) Phermones Chemical compounds secreted by body that are volatile & detected by olfaction 18) LH Anterior pituitary hormone that stimulates leydig cell function. 19) Glycerol Specific cryoprotectant that prevents ice crystal formation in extended & frozen semen. 20) Midpiece Section of sperm cell with power plant that supplies energy for sperm movement. 21) Leptin Hormone produced by adipocytes, which may enhance the onset of puberty. 22) Swine Hand glove procedure is used to collect semen in what species. 23) Boar Farm animal that ejaculates approximately 100 to 250 mL semen. 24) Pig Female farm animal with an average age at puberty 5 to 7 months. Page 1 of 2 ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology & Endocrinology in Domestic Animals Quiz 2 (25 pts: Oct. 14, 2011) Name: _______________________________ Short answer 1) The testes contain the machinery that produces a constant supply of sperm cells for the male. Please answer the following questions as they apply to spermatogenesis (4 total pts). a. Steroid hormone necessary in high concentrations for spermatogenesis (1 pt)? testosterone b. Specific cellular process that leads to genetic diversity of sperm cells (1 pt)? Meiosis I c. Specific name of differentiation process where sperm head & tail develop (1 pt)? spermiogenesis d. In what compartment of the seminiferous tubule does the event in question 4c occur (1 pt)? adluminal 2) Please fill in the blanks with the most appropriate term or circle the correct term (1/2 pt each; 9 total pts). When collecting semen for an artificial insemination (AI) program, the collection device of choice used in the bull, ram, and stallion is the artificial vagina. While collecting the semen from at least two of the species previously listed, the gel is filtered out so the fluid portion of the semen does not coagulate and can be easily extended. After the semen is collected, it is visually evaluated for contaminates like puss and dirt; additionally, volume, motility, and concentration are evaluated and recorded so calculations can be made that allow for the semen to be extended properly. You could also evaluate sperm morphology to determine if there are any abnormalities that could have a negative effect on subsequent fertility. Typically we want the total abnormalities to be no greater than 30%. We could also sex- sort the sperm cells at this stage but the sorting process can (increase : decreases) the potential fertilizing ability of the sperm cells. The final step is to extend the semen, which functions to (increase: decrease) the number of insemination doses and (increase : decrease) the shelf- life of the semen. Extenders contain buffers to prevent drastic changes in pH, a cryoprotectant to protect against ice crystal formation within the sperm, energy substrates to maintain sperm viability, lipids to maintain sperm cell membrane integrity, and antibiotics to prevent bacterial growth in the sample. For long- term storage, extended & packaged semen is frozen & stored in liquid nitrogen, which keeps its frozen indefinitely. Page 2 of 2 ...
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