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1 INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY PSYC ________ Section _________ **Check Desire2Learn ( ) to obtain up-to-date info about your section.** **** Please review the syllabus throughout the semester for important information and vital due dates. If you are unable to understand the syllabus, or you do did not find the answer to your question within this document, I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Teacher: Ms. Amy Madewell Contact Information: [email protected] Office Hours: Wed 5-7 pm, North Murray 316 , or by appointment Teaching Assistant: Robyn Resnick, [email protected] Office Hours: Wed 5-6 pm, North Murray 316 IMPORTANT: 24 hour advance notice policy : To discuss a graded exam or paper during scheduled office hours, you MUST send an e-mail 24 hours in advance. This will guarantee that either Ms. Madewell or Ms. Resnick will have all the necessary paperwork with them when you meet. Thank you! Course Description: The course surveys the principles, theories, vocabulary, and applications of the science of psychology. The course is required of all Psychology majors. The course also fulfills the University’s general education requirement for the social sciences. As a general education course, students will learn: a) about the relationship between historic and contemporary issues and will understand contemporary issues with sensitivity to a rapidly changing, diverse, and complex world; b) how psychology applies to the practice of their discipline and to other disciplines, to society, and to their own lives; c) the causes of human behavior and their consequences; d) to identify, evaluate critically, and seek solutions to complex problems related to psychology; e) learn about tools of statistics and biological sciences to solve analyze complex problems related to psychology; and f) how to communicate original thought in written assignments. Required Textbook: Schachter, D., Gilbert, D., & Wegner, D. (2008). Psychology. New York: Worth Publishers. ISBN: 1-4292-2577-7 Desire2Learn is a vital component of the course. Copies of course handouts and important course information will be posted weekly. It is YOUR responsibility to read all materials posted for this course. You can access Desire2Learn at ( ). Course Requirements (700 points possible) 1. Examinations (560 points) - Four exams worth 140 points each There are 4 non-cumulative exams, including the final. Each will contain 70 multiple choice questions; each question is worth 2 points. Each exam represents 20 percent of your overall grade. For each exam, you will
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2 need to bring 2 No.2 pencils and an orange scantron sheet . You can purchase a package of orange scantron sheets from the campus bookstore. Exam
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