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Cryosphere - Permafrost o Makes up most of ice beneath the surface Surface Waters - Only 0.25% of world’s total moisture supply Lakes: - More than 90% of the water on continents - Lake genesis: o Natural basin with restricted outlet o Enough inflow of water to keep the basin at least partially filled o More than 40% of lake water is salt water o Unevenly distributed through the world Most commonly found where glacier had been o The destiny of most lakes is to disappear Mono Lake, CA - Reduced by 50% of its previous volume - Due to diversion of streams since 1940’s Aral Sea: - Area shrunk by 75% since the 1960’s - Due to Soviet irrigation projects - Destroyed the fishing industry, dust and salt blown from dry lake bottom
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Unformatted text preview: -Syr Darya River o Reengineering -> Norther portion will keep its present size-Southern portion will disappear entirely by 2030 Lake Chad:-Reduced to about 10% of its former size-Due to ongoing drought and desertification (climate change) Reservoirs-Artificial lakes-Can be ecologically and economically beneficial or detrimental Underground Water:-All originally comes from above-Porosity and permability Hydrologic Zones: Groundwater Mining:-Accumulation of groundwater is tediously slow, but humans can use it up rapidly...
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