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World Geography Notes September 13, 2011 Annual Temperature Range: - Range is highest in interior of high-latitude continental regions - Lowest in tropics Global Warming: - Main Culprits: - Carbon dioxide 64 % - Methane - CFCs - Nitrous oxides If it continues: (Computer Modeling) - Heat and drought in middle latitudes - Milder temperatures in higher latitudes - Some arid lands may see more rainfall - Ice caps would melt/sea level would rise/displaced populations - Incredibly difficult to model Solar Energy - Photovoltaic Cells o Silicon added to increase conductivity o How they work: Photons (particles of light) strike the silicon cell’s surface
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Unformatted text preview: Some electrons are displaced from the circuit’s negative layer Flows into positive layer –> electrical current o Advantages: Low capital cost Low maintenance Virtually no pollution Do not have to be wired into a grid Needs a lot of space o Disadvantages: Low efficiency • Lots of energy lost as heat Lessened by cloudy and hazy conditions Cannot keep it going at night o New technologies being developed: Mirrors and lenses to better focus sunlight Multispectral PV cells Organic elements • Thin, flexible, sometimes transparent materials...
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