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INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY GEOG 1114 – FALL 2011 Classroom Lecture Times Sections 17 – 20: TR 10:30 – 11:45am (212 CLB) Instructor Name: Christopher Storm Office: 416 (South) Murray Hall Phone: 405-744-7245 E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: MTWRF 8:30am – 10:20am or by appointment Feel free to drop by my office at any time. Required Textbooks McKnight’s Physical Geography: A Landscape Appreciation , 10 th Edition (Darrel Hess) Physical Geography Laboratory Manual – Fall 2011 Online Classroom / Internet – This website will be your source for lecture notes and up-to-date grades for both the lecture and the laboratory portions of this course. You can also e-mail your instructors from this site. Please familiarize yourself with this website. Expect to receive several class-related e-mails over the course of the semester. These will be sent to your Oklahoma State University e-mail address. Course Objective The objective of this course is to assist you in understanding Earth’s physical environment by examining its many components. We will do this by academically sampling many topics related to Earth’s interdependent physical realms, including the biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere. This course moves quickly from topic to topic, so please keep up with your notes and assignments. Course Format Each week will consist of three 50-minute classroom lectures and one 1-hour and 50-minute laboratory session, unless otherwise noted. The classroom lecture portion of this course will comprise 75% of your grade, while the laboratory portion will comprise 25%. Attendance Regular attendance is expected. Attendance records will be kept and can be taken into account when determining your final grade. If you miss a lecture for any reason, please ask a classmate for any notes that you have missed. Classroom Etiquette You all should assist in maintaining a proper learning environment in the classrooms and laboratories. Activities that can disrupt class or disturb your classmates include, but are not limited to, cell phone calls,
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