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Ch 3: USING THE INTERNET: MAKING THE MOST OF THE WEB’S RESOURCES USING SUBJECT DIRECTORIES AND SEARCH ENGINES Cheat Sheet A. Advanced Search Form. . When you conduct a Web search, you may receive a list of hits that includes thousands— even millions—of Web pages that have no relevance to the topic you’re trying to search. Using the Advanced Search form can make your Internet research a lot more efficient. With the simple addition of a few words or constraints, you can narrow your search results to a more manageable and more meaningful list. B. Search Engine Basics. A search engine searches the Web for keywords and returns a list of the Web sites on which those words are found. Search engines have three parts: (1) a spider that collects data on the Web, (2) an indexer program that organizes the data into a database, and (3) software
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Unformatted text preview: that searches the data, pulling out relevant information according to your search. 1. Meta search engines: Search other search engines rather than Web sites. 2. Specialty search engines: Search only sites that are deemed relevant to the particular subject. C. Subject Directory Basics. A subject directory is a guide to the Internet organized by topics and subtopics. You do not use keywords. Instead, after selecting the main subject from the directory, you narrow your search by successively clicking on subfolders until you reach the appropriate information. D. Evaluating Web Sites. Always consider whether the sites author or sponsor is reputable and whether the information is current. You should also consider whether the information presented is biased and who the intended audience is...
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