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Page 1 of 3 Seibert Our society is becoming extremely dependent on technology. People are always looking for the newest and best thing to get. It’s become such an obsession that everywhere one goes one is confronted with advertising for new technological devices, and other things that promise to make their life better or more convenient. This ad is promoting the Nook Color by Barnes and Noble. Originally exclusively for reading eBooks, it seems to be all the rage for avid readers and entertainment-seekers alike. It has shown that it is, in fact, on the forefront of innovation by introducing new features, such as gaming and internet capabilities, that elevate it to the ranks of top tablet competitors. This ad persuades its viewers to purchase the new Nook Color through the use of rhetorical strategies such as: logos, pathos, and kairos. This advertisement for the Nook Color uses logos as a way to strengthen its argument that the viewer should purchase it. This ad for the newest version of the Barnes and Noble Nook is making the claim that the Nook Color is incorporating all sorts of new technology, ranging from a seven inch full color touchscreen, the fact that it’s powered by Android, it has the ability to not only download millions of books, but magazines and newspapers as well, check email, and
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