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lnc19prime - Notes 19 Gross Domestic Product(GDP...

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Notes 19' Gross Domestic Product (GDP) GDP = C + I + G + (X - M) $13.1947 $9.2245 $2.2092 $2.5230 -$0.7620 Gross Domestic Product Personal Consumption Expenditures Gross Private Domestic Investment Government Purchases Net Exports This category includes: This category includes: This category includes: This category includes: Durable Goods --Consumed over a period of more than 1 year--Varies most over the course of the business cycle ($1.0489 tr.) Private Fixed Investment --spending on new capital, such as factories, offices, machinery, and software ($1.3977 tr) Federal Consumption and Investment -- ($ 0.9695 tr.) State Consumption and Investment-- ($1.5905 tr.) Exports (X)-- Sales of US produced goods to foreign buyers ($1.4676 tr.) Imports (M) --Purchases of foreign-made goods by US buyers ($2.2296 tr.) Nondurable Goods --Consumed within a year ($2.688 tr.) Services-- Not physical goods--Varies least over the course of the business cycle. ($5.4876 tr.) Residential Fixed Investment --spending
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