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Microbiology Applications of Immunology - Vaccines Diagnostic Immunology Controlling infection in populations • Breaking the chain of transmisssion – Maintain adequate water quality – Ensure food safety – Control vector populations – Provide reproductive health services – Screen critical personnel for exposure (e.g., TB tine testing) • Vaccination – Potentially allows secondary immune response to primary pathogen exposure – Goal is herd immunity , where transmission cannot be maintained in a population Edward Jenner • First to demonstrate that immunity could be invoked by something other than the infectious agent • The word vaccination refers to the cowpox virus, Vaccinia • His enemies – Denied efficacy of vaccination relative to variolation – Then tried to deny priority!
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Earl of Sandwich : “Upon my honor, Wilkes, I do not know whether you will die on the gallows or of the pox.” John Wilkes : “That must depend, my Lord, upon whether I first embrace your
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113lecture2606slides - Microbiology Applications of...

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