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113lecture2606slides - Microbiology Applications of...

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Microbiology Applications of Immunology - Vaccines Diagnostic Immunology Controlling infection in populations Breaking the chain of transmisssion Maintain adequate water quality Ensure food safety Control vector populations Provide reproductive health services Screen critical personnel for exposure (e.g., TB tine testing) • Vaccination Potentially allows secondary immune response to primary pathogen exposure Goal is herd immunity , where transmission cannot be maintained in a population Edward Jenner First to demonstrate that immunity could be invoked by something other than the infectious agent The word vaccination refers to the cowpox virus, Vaccinia His enemies Denied efficacy of vaccination relative to variolation Then tried to deny priority!
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Earl of Sandwich : “Upon my honor, Wilkes, I do not know whether you will die on the gallows or of the pox.” John Wilkes : “That must depend, my Lord, upon whether I first embrace your
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113lecture2606slides - Microbiology Applications of...

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