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3 - and and the direction(up or down is determined using...

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3.4. Multiplying Vectors - Vector Product The vector product of two vectors and , written as x , is a third vector with the following properties: the magnitude of is given by: where [phi] is the smallest angle between and . Note: the angle between and is [phi] or 360deg. - [phi]. However, since sin([phi]) = - sin(2[pi] - [phi]), the vector product is different for these two angles. The direction of is perpendicular to the plane defined by
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Unformatted text preview: and , and the direction (up or down) is determined using the right-hand rule. It is clear from the definition of the vector product that the order of the components is important. It can be shown, by applying the right hand rule, that the following relation holds: x = - x The following expression can be used to calculate x if the components of and are provided:...
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