Angular Momentum of Rotating Rigid Bodies

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Angular Momentum of Rotating Rigid Bodies Suppose we are dealing with a rigid body rotating around the z-axis. The linear momentum of each mass element is parallel to the x-y plane, and perpendicular to the position vector. The magnitude of the angular momentum of this mass element is The z-component of this angular momentum is given by The z-component of the total angular momentum L of the rigid body can be obtained by summing over all mass elements in the body
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Unformatted text preview: From the definition of the rotational inertia of the rigid body we can conclude that This is the projection of the total angular momentum onto the rotation axis. The rotational inertia I in this equation must also be calculated with respect to the same rotation axis. Only if the rotation axis is a symmetry axis of the rigid body will the total angular momentum vector coincide with the rotation axis....
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