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Constant angular acceleration

Constant angular acceleration - = 0 rad/s The rotation...

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Constant angular acceleration If the angular acceleration a is constant (time independent) the following equations can be used to calculate [omega] and [theta] at any time t: Note that these equations are very similar to the equations for linear motion. Problem 19P A wheel starting from rest, rotates with a constant angular acceleration of 2.0 rad/s 2 . During a certain 3.0 s interval it turns through 90 rad. (a) How long had the wheel been turning before the start of the 3.0 s interval ? (b). What was the angular velocity of the wheel at the start of the 3.0 s interval ? Time t = 0 s is defined as the moment at which the wheel is at rest. Therefore, [omega]
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Unformatted text preview: = 0 rad/s. The rotation angle at any later time is measured with respect to the position of the body at time t = 0 s: [theta] = 0 rad. The equations of rotation are now given by The angle of rotation during a 3.0 s interval will depend on time: In our problem, the rotation [Delta][theta] during a period [Delta]t is given. The time that the wheel has been turning before the time period [Delta]t can be easily calculated The angular velocity of the wheel at the beginning of this period is...
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