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Kinetic energy of rotation

Kinetic energy of rotation - moment of inertia(or...

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Kinetic energy of rotation The total kinetic energy of a rotating object can be found by summing the kinetic energy of each individual particle: To derive this equation we have used the fact that the angular velocity is the same for each particle of the rigid body. The quantity in parenthesis tells us how the mass of the rotating body is distributed around the axis of rotation. This quantity is called the
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Unformatted text preview: moment of inertia (or rotational inertia) The unit for I is kg m 2 . Using this definition, we can write the kinetic energy of the rotating object as Note: in many previous problems we have assumed to be dealing with massless pulleys. This assumption assures that by applying conservation of mechanical energy we do not have to consider the kinetic energy related to the rotation of the pulley....
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