The Mercury Thermometer

The Mercury Thermometer - expansion volume for the mercury....

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The Mercury Thermometer The operation of a mercury thermometer is based on the volume expansion of mercury. Suppose a volume V of mercury is brought in thermal contacts with a body. As a result, the temperature of the mercury will change by [[Delta]]T. Its volume will change by [[Delta]]V The mercury is contained in an evacuated system which does not change size as a result of the change in temperature. Connected to the reservoir is a thin glass tube which serves as the
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Unformatted text preview: expansion volume for the mercury. The glass tube has an area equal to A, and the change in the height h of the mercury level in the tube is determined by the change in volume [[Delta]]V We conclude that Thus, by measuring the change in the height of the mercury column we can measure the change in the temperature of the mercury....
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