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Quarter II – Week 4 Handout #46 Wednesday, December 3, 2008 Today’s Topic : Paris Peace Conference and Wilson’s 14 Points Objective : YWBAT understand the difficulty and complexity facing the Big Four Identify the view points of the assigned countries Work cooperatively in groups to organize and effective presentation What you need to know today: Treaty: a formally concluded and ratified agreement between countries. Conference: A formal meeting for discussion Assessed – evaluate Sovereign – right to self-rule Homework/Announcements Tonight --- Wednesday 12/3 – Read, annotate and ask at least three *Notebook Quiz: Friday December 5, 2008 Agenda : Do-Now (15 minutes)
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Unformatted text preview: Take notes on graphic organizer (10 minutes) Group Activity Presentations Closing/Review HW DO-NOW: This is a picture of the Big Four during the 1919 Paris Peace conference. Enter a dialogue bubble for each person in the photo. Hint: What might each be saying or thinking? Vocabulary Words Assessed : _______________________________________________________________________ _ Sovereign : _______________________________________________________________________ _ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Wilson’s 14 Points I. VIII. II. IX. III. X. IV. XI. V. XII. VI. XIII. VII. XIV. Attach HW reading pp. 21 & 22 from Choices....
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__.psf_.Home_Documents_Dec_3 - Take notes on graphic...

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