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Iron work cited work what is the difference between

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Unformatted text preview: scribe the “Iron Youth” (18). “Iron Work Cited Work What is the difference between work cited and What bibliography? bibliography? Work cited is all of the sources you cited in your paper. A bibliography is all of the bibliography material you studied of reviewed even if you did not cite them in your paper. did Since you are using more than one source, you Since must include a work cited at the end of your paper. paper. What’s in a Work Cited? What’s For a poem (and short stories) if from an For anthology you want to use: anthology Last name, first (of the author). “Title of poem.” Last Name of Anthology. Name of Editor (s). Name Place of Publication: Name of Publisher, year. Page number. Page For a Novel: Last name, first (of author). Title of Work. Last Publisher’s location: publisher, date. How would you create your Work Cited? Work Owens, Wilfred. “Anthem for Doomed Youth.” Hemingway, Ernest. “In Another Country.” The Complete Short Hemingway, Stories of Ernest Hemingway. Ne...
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