WWI Unit Essay

Wwi unit essay

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Unformatted text preview: WWI Unit Essay WWI In this unit we have studied WWI and its In literature. We have been discussing how the war silently destroyed a generation. For this essay assignment, you will analyze the literature of the time and answer the question: How did WWI affect the soldiers involved? You will use examples from All Quiet on the Western Front, In Another Country and the Western In various poetry we studied in class to answer this question. this Intro paragraph work Intro Take out the sample introduction paragraphs Read the second introduction Go over anatomy Now, look at your introduction paragraph. Use Now, a highlighter or pen and see if your introduction paragraph follows the “Anatomy of an Introduction paragraph.” of Review Your Outline Review Have you designed a well thought out road map Have in your introduction? in Is your thesis statement debatable? Is Do you have quotes and evidence from each piece of work to support your argument/thesis? piece Do- Now: Monday 11/24 Write the correct way to reference the title of Write the following in a paper: the a novel: All Quiet On the Western Front All a poem: “Anthem for Doomed Youth” a short story: “In Another Country...
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