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Unformatted text preview: WWI WWI Urban Science Academy September 25, 2008 Do­Now Do­Now Decide if you agree or disagree. State why on Page 11 of your Interactive Notebook: A country should consider only its own interests in deciding whether to go to war. Fighting in an overseas military conflict can help improve a nation’s economy at home. During wartime, a government has the right to limit the individual liberties of citizens. Text Book Reading Text Book Reading Page 12 – WWI Breaks Out p. 328­332 Answer the following in your notebook, use the Cornell notes method What were the major causes of unrest in Europe? What were the results of the early fighting in the war? Why did the war settle into a stalemate? Do­Now September 26, 2008 Do­Now September 26, 2008 Look at the handout Do the following in groups of three: Read the definitions of the words Decide as a group, which one of these terms most influenced the start of WWI One member goes to the large sheet and write your groups response on the large sheet. You will need a reader, group definer & spokes person. Key Terms Key Terms Militarism Allied Powers Central Powers First Battle of the Marne No­man’s land Trench Warfare Battle of the Somme Franz Ferdinand Gavrilo Princip Outbreak of World War I Outbreak of World War I Nationalism Imperialism WWI Begins Alliances Militarism ...
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