The Individual and Society

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Unformatted text preview: The Individual and Society The Urban Science Academy September 11, 2008 DO-NOW DO-NOW Pre-Reading activity on Top ½ of Page 3 We are going to read an article about a We Muslim Activist, Asama Khan, and what she did as a response to the September 11th did terrorist attacks terrorist Before we read the article, Write three (3) Before questions you think may be answered in this article. article. Vocabulary Atrocities – noun . A wicked or cruel situation Flux – continuous change, movement Flux Synchronize – verb. to occur at the same time; Synchronize coordinated at the same rate/time coordinated Du jour – pertaining to the particular day/period. Du Genesis – the beginning Aghast – appalled; horror-stricken Identity Chart Diagram Identity Activity Activity Write Aasma Khan’s name on page 4 on the top ½ Write of the paper. Draw a line from her name to a word that Draw describes one aspect of who she is (race, religion, neighborhood, socio-economic class, interests, gender, etc). gender, • Using this model, create an identity chart for Using Aasma Khan. What labels does she use to describe herself? Which labels might others attach to her? HW HW Please create your own identity chart to Please share with class using the hand model described in class. described Please do not include anything on it that you Please feel you do not want to share with others. feel Due Friday 9/12/2008 ...
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