Seven Steps to Writing a Play

Seven Steps to Writing a Play - Seven Steps to Writing a...

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Unformatted text preview: Seven Steps to Writing a Play Play October 8, 2008 Seven Steps to Writing a play Seven What do you think some of these steps are? The Seven Steps The Step One: Begin with an Step idea and get inspired idea Step Two: Develop the Step story with plot in mind. The play should end with a dramatic climax. dramatic Step Three: Create Step Interesting characters. What are the characters thoughts, moods, feelings and passion? What are their motivations? plots are crucial to a good play. are Step Four: Create the Step world of the play carefully. The audience should understand the context in which the play is set. which Step Five: Write Step believable dialogue believable Step Six: Have a lot of Step action action Step Seven: Keep it Step simple. Good character development and well thought out thought ...
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