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Playwriting - for placement of scenery 7 Actor/Franz...

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Playwriting This week, you will work on a project for Humanities 3: Group Members: _______________________________________________________________________ _ You must select the following role: Play Writing: 1. Playwright: Author of an original scene or one-act play ____________________ 2. Editor: Will correct spelling grammar of the play ___________________ 3. Researcher: Gather all of the information for the play, make sure historical information is accurate: _________________________ 4. Playbill creator: You will create the cover for your play Performance 5. Director: Responsible for blocking and guiding actors in a scene ___________________ 6. Costume Coordinator/Set Designer: locate and take care of costumes, responsible
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Unformatted text preview: for placement of scenery. ______________________ 7. Actor/Franz Ferdinand ____________________________ 8. Actress/Sophie __________________________ 9. Gavrilo Princip ______________________ 10. Other: _____________________________________ Post- Play 11. Your play needs to be printed and covered with your Playbill design. 12. You should have a page outlining each teammate’s role in the play 13. There should be at least 1 page of typed dialogue: Times Roman 12pt (Page1) Playbill Cover (Page 2) Playwright Director Actors Scene & Description (Page 3) The Script...
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