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Unformatted text preview: Humanities 3 Humanities The Individual & Society Urban Science Academy September 15, 2008 Do-Now Do-Now On the bottom ½ of page 3 Write a response to the following How is our identity formed? To what extent How are we defined by our talents, tastes, and interests? interests? Are we limited by the groups to which we Are belong or can we expand our horizons? belong Preview them Reading Preview Today, we are going to read “The Bear that Today, Wasn’t” Wasn’t” Based on the title what do you think this Based story will be about? story Look at the pictures Now that you have looked at the pictures, Now did you change your mind? What do you think the story is about now? think Vocabulary word Vocabulary On the bottom of page 4 write this word: Bureaucracy In your own words, please come up with a In working definition of this word. Draw, a picture representation of the definition of this word word The Bear that Wasn’t Debrief The What does the title The Bear That Wasn’t What The means? means? Why didn’t the factory officials recognize the Why Bear for what he was? Bear Why did it become harder and harder for Why him to maintain his identity as he moved through the bureaucracy of the factory? through HW HW Read “Little Boxes” p. 10-13 Respond to the following questions in your Respond Interactive notebook p. 3 (add more pages if you need to) need What is Wright’s dilemma? Do you or people you What know share that dilemma? If so, how do you or they resolved it? That is, do people ever feel hurt because their membership is a group is not acknowledged? acknowledged? ...
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