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The Case of AB Referring Problem: Difficulty recognizing people Observations: Awkward when meeting; didn’t initiate greeting History: Had been tested when she was about 13 years old because she was clumsy; had some problems with visual processing of objects. She was seen again at about age 16; her IQ was normal, with a very high verbal IQ. Term: tachistoscope A piece of equipment used in cognitive psychology to display stimuli for exact durations as measured in milliseconds
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Face Tests Given to AB Face expressions from photographs: abnormal McGurk Illusion: abnormal (does not experience) Recognizing famous faces as familiar: abnormal (at chance) Recognizing people she knows from photos: abnormal
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Unformatted text preview: • Warrington Recognition Battery: abnormal (at chance) ________ ________ _______ _______ ________ _______ Covert Face Recognition Task Makes use of the procedure known as “priming”. Priming occurs when a prestimulus affects the stimulus that follows, usually increasing recognition of the stimulus as indicated by faster recognition time or increased likelihood of correct recognition . Example: For most Americans, seeing the face of Barach Obama would enhance the processing of the written name Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama Result: AB shows no effect of priming when the prestimulus is a face...
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Power_Point_5 - • Warrington Recognition Battery...

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