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dr_faustus_response - • LEGS – Playful side what does...

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Dr. Faustus Response 1. What echoes of Dr. Faustus do you see in modern society? 2. How do you think the play should have ended? Why? Give Examples 3. What message is Marlow trying to convey? How do you know? 4. What scene resonated with you most? Why?
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Dr. Faustus Character Autopsy In groups of 4, create a character autopsy of Dr. Faustus. Find quotations / passages / page #s to illustrate at least 10 of the following body parts in the autopsy of the character. Remember that each body part must have a sentence of explanation addressing the questions; a direct quote to support that answer; a visual symbol of your answer. HEAD – Intellectual side: what are the character’s dreams? Visions? philosophies? HEART – Emotional side: what does he love? Whom? How? TORSO – Instinctive side: what doesn’t he like about himself? What does he hide? What brings him pain? What does he fear?
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Unformatted text preview: • LEGS – Playful side: what does he do for fun? What are his hobbies? • FEET – Mobile side: where has he been (literally and figuratively)? How has he been affected? • WINGS – Future: where is he going? • ARMS – Working side: what is his relationship to work in general? To specific work? • HANDS – Practical side: what conflicts does he deal with? How? • EARS – Hearing: what does he notice and remember others saying to him? How is he affected? • NOSE – Sensitive side: what smells affect him? How? • MOUTH – Communication: what philosophy does he share/espouse? What arguments / debates? What song would symbolize his philosophy of life? • EYES – Seeing: what memorable sights affect him? How? • You will receive points for fulfilling the requirements and for aesthetics – neatness, illustrations, color, etc....
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dr_faustus_response - • LEGS – Playful side what does...

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