Etruscan Art-RomanLegacy

Etruscan Art-RomanLegacy - • Eventually conquered by...

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1 Roman Legacy Divinely appointed rulers of the world “Romanization” of the world Spread of Greek ideas Spread of Christianity Superior roads, sewers, aqueducts Periods of rule 753 b.c. Æ Foundation of Rome 700-509 b.c. Æ Etruscan Rule 509-31 b.c. Æ Republican Rome 31 b.c. – 476 Æ Imperial Rome Etruscans Little is known about them Language has not been deciphered Established in Tuscany May have come from Asia Minor Drained a marsh that became Roman Forum Temples, shrines, roads, chariot racing, togas
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Unformatted text preview: • Eventually conquered by Romans and absorbed • ART: Immediate reaction (not realism) Etruscan Art 700-509 b.c. Legend of Remus and Romulus Etruscan Art • Concerned with emotion rather than realism • Some religious topics/some light hearted 2 Importance of banquets Dance and Music Fashion Apollo of Veii Sarcophagus of married couple Tomb of Hunting & Fishing 3 Tomb of Augers Video of Remus and Romulus...
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Etruscan Art-RomanLegacy - • Eventually conquered by...

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