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Jerusalem and Early Christianity Chapter 6 Alexandra Karydas
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Judaism and Early Christianity S tages of the Hebrew People The Period of the Patriarchs The father (patriarch) of the Hebrew people was Abraham; took his people from ancient Mesopotamia to the land of Canaan about 2000 B.C.E After settling, they divided the land into twelve tribal areas, then they eventually went to Egypt. The Period of the Exodus The Egyptians later enslaved the Hebrews, perhaps around 1750 B.C.E, but were saved by Moses. This “leaving” or “going out” is commonly known as Exodus. The Period of the Conquest “The biblical books of Joshua and Judges relates to the struggles of the Hebrews to conquer the land of Canaan as they fought against the native peoples and the competing “Sea People”( the Philistines)“ The United Monarchy Consolidation of Canaan and the rise of a monarchy marked the high point of the Hebrew people. There were three kings: Saul, David and Solomon
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jerusalem_and_early_christianity_correct - Jerusalem and...

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