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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4 The Electromagnetic Interaction Last Time: Take home lessons on Gravity s Acceleration due to gravity (near the surface of the earth) is the same regardless of mass of falling object Weight is measure of gravitational force W=mg s Universal gravitation Increases with mass Decreases according to square of distance s Einstein was smart Gravity is a result of masses causing space-time to curve and wells to be created Key Concepts 1. Electrical Charges 2. Electrical Model of Matter 3. What carries current? 4. Magnetism 4. Magnetism 5. Electromagnetic Interaction 6. Contact and Friction Forces I have read chapter 4 A. Yes B. Sort of C. No, but I believe in planned repentance . o, I have better things to do D. No, I have better things to do How do you feel about this course thus far? A) VERY EASY B) EASY C) OK ) IND OF HARD D) KIND OF HARD E) WORSE THAN DEATHWHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO? Electricity s Static (unmoving) electricity was stored in Leyden Jars in Benjamin Franklins day. Franklin used them to show that static electricity and moving electricity, like ghtning, were the same. lightning, were the same. The Electric Force Law s Objects of opposite charge attract each other....
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Chapter%204%20The%20Electromagnetic%20Interaction%202011 -...

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