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Laser Video Displays (Laser TVs) Introduction A laser video display is a relative new back-projection technology that aims to replace conventional lamps used in current setups. It uses lasers instead as the light source, which improves the lifespan of the device, increases the energy efficiency and also produces a wider range of colors differentiable to the human eye. At the time of this writing, Mitsubishi is the only manufacturer on the market that has successfully developed it as a retail product. A Brief History The idea of using lasers to replace conventional lamps has been conceived as early as 1966. However, a functional prototype was not built and presented until 1993 by a German based company, Schneider AG. The company became bankrupt and it wasn’t until 2008 did Mitsubishi, being a big player in manufacturing and developing red optic lasers, was able to build a functional product that is now commercially available. One of the principle reasons to this long delayed production was due to the slow development of laser technology and the high expenses in manufacturing lasers that can reach the desired wavelengths. What is a laser and how does it work? A laser is constructed by housing a substance known as the “gain medium” insides a casing covered by two mirrors on each end. This construction is a form of optical cavity. This gain medium can vary from solids to gases and even semi-conductors. Energy must be given to the gain medium so that it can excite the electrons in the substance to give and absorb photons. This energy can be provided in the form of electricity or
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Hardware_Report_Laser_Video_Displays - Laser Video...

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