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Kieran Tsai Capital Punishment 17-Mar-11 1. List the main arguments in favor of capital punishment. Punishment needs to be equal to the crime committed. Justice needs to be maintained. There are crimes where capital punishment is the only punishment that can be equated with certainty. Capital punishment is not the cruelest punishment compare to some ‘lesser’ crimes. It will prevent more suffering of victims. 2. List the main arguments against capital punishment. Punishment is not an effective means to deter others to commit the crime. Some forms of capital punishment are too “barbaric”. Added to death, is the horror of knowing when and how your death will be implemented which is more than the punishment that is meant to equate the crime. Execution creates more misery. There is possibility of mistakenly executing an innocent man. It is a disturbing practice to those who give the judgment and execution of the
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Unformatted text preview: capital punishment. • There are a lot of social and emotional impacts. For example, school kids. 3. Give your argument supporting one of those positions and explain why the arguments against your position are not persuasive. I choose against capital punishment in general. Even if the committer of the crime will be justly dealt with, it does not help the society significantly. There isn’t really evidence that it will deter others in committing the same crime. Although justice needs to be maintained, an eye for an eye is not necessarily the only means of a just punishment. Other possibility includes forced labor for a time. It may be true that certain crimes can only be justly met with a death penalty; however, there are also crimes where a death penalty is not sufficient. Capital punishment may not be the cruelest punishment, but it certainly prolongs some cruel treatment that we want to abolish....
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