Rational Belief in God

Rational Belief in God - rational beings At times a belief...

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Kieran Tsai Rational Belief in God 7-Apr-11 Is belief in God rationally justified? A belief in God is rationally justified. To have evidence for everything you believe is simply impractical. Just as Clarke has pointed out, not all people have the capability to go through the philosophical analysis. All reasoning must have an acceptable fact which is not based on reason anyway. Furthermore, evidence is subject to many interpretations depending on the observer. It would be hard to find evidence and interpret it such that it is convincing to all
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Unformatted text preview: rational beings. At times, a belief in God is an emotional or spiritual need and it gives hope to the people who believe; hence, if no unreasonable harm can be inflicted, then why not embrace the benefits that a belief in God can offer? Just as Pascal’s wager says, if you have everything to gain with a little loss, why not pursue it? It is completely rational to believe in God....
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