Subordination of Women

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Kieran Tsai Professor James M. Richards Phil 110 March 29, 2011 The Subjection of Women in Society Women have been victims of subordination throughout history in the U.S. Women need to be liberated from their subordination. However, some of the current gender equality laws fail at ensuring women’s right; rather than pursuing laws of gender equality, laws that ensure the unique rights of women should be sought after. Subordination of women comes in many different forms. It ranges from sexual harassment, denying of opportunity to the use of pornography. Although the situation has improved overtime, the following facts illustrates to what degree women have been subordinated. Percentage of political party members who are women: 46.5%. Legislative position occupied by women: 22.6%. Women who have experienced sexual violence: 1 out of every 3 women. Cases of domestic violence reported to the police: 2 of every 5 cases. Women and girls who are victims of human trafficking each year: 1,000,000 . However, what constitutes the subordination of women? Furthermore, what constitutes the subordination of women in society? These are critical questions that need to be analyzed in order to make claims for both for and against as these are the premises to the claim. W. A. Parent offers various possible definitions of subordination in his essay regarding pornography and the subordination of women . The first being:
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Subordination is an action or a practice engaged in by human beings and directed against other beings (208). The second: A more common and perspicuous account of subordination equates it with the practice of regarding a person as inferior to others in some respect(s) and as a consequence placing him/her in a lower position, group, or class (210). However, neither fully encompasses all the claims that women are subordinated and Parent in fact illustrates how pornography is not the portrayal of the subordination of women. To be more accurate, “pornographic viewings are sometimes the subordination of women” Nevertheless, these definitions do give the general criteria in identifying cases where a woman has been subordinated. On the other hand, can it be concluded that women are subordinated in society because at least one woman is subordinated? Surely a man can be found to be subordinated as well although it may be a rare event. Or is it more than half of the female population if the claim is to be made quantitatively or by ratio? Or do we judge society by the presence or absence of laws that facilitate such behaviors? The last proposal seems the most reasonable by intuition. There are many arguments for and against the subordination of women in society. The
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Subordination of Women - Kieran Tsai Professor James M...

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