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Kieran Tsai Synopsis 10-Mar-11 1. Are women subordinated in society, and if so, what should be done about it? Should gender equality be required by law? 2. Women are not subordinated in society; at least it depends on which country you live in. Gender equality should be required by law as a protection against gender discrimination. 3. Women are not subordinated in society. In today’s world there are many women who hold high positions and jobs. I come from New Zealand, which was the first country to give
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Unformatted text preview: women the vote in modern times. Helen Clark became the first female deputy prime minister in1989 and then became the 2 nd female prime minister in 1997. Having lived through this, I do not see any wrong in terms of consequences. Women are just as able as men. Hence, we should leverage their skills if opportunity arises as long as they are willing. I think that law should require gender equality so that it does not prevent opportunities for women....
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