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The Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil - we may not like it While abiding by...

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Kieran Tsai The Problem of Evil 27-Jan-11 How can there be so much evil and suffering in a world created by a loving, perfectly good, all-powerful God? In answer to the question why there would be so much evil and suffering in a world created by a loving, perfectly good, and all-powerful God, I believe one needs to check the definition of what is loving? What is good? What is all-powerful? What is evil? What is the definition of a world? What is God? I believe that nature (or universe) and a world is two different things. I believe God created the world in which we live, but He did not create nature. God is all-powerful but cannot bend the laws of nature or the universe. That is, He can do all that is possible. To me, God’s purpose is the happiness of all entity that is capable of thought and I believe that such entities exist for eternity and was never created nor can be destroyed. Hence all things are bearable to the soul, although
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Unformatted text preview: we may not like it. While abiding by the laws of nature, and doing all God can do to achieve His goals, he leaves mankind as agents to themselves so that we can be happy because we chose to be. It is not that He cannot physically prevent suffering, but that He cannot prevent it if we were to achieve eternal happiness. Thus the majority of times He does not intervene and so we see the suffering of those who are innocent to the point of death. I believe that in due time He will justify all, rewarding those who have been good and punish those who have been bad. On the other hand, who is to say what one is suffering is the worst it can happen? It all depends on your point of view. All in all, I believe things are as they are simply because it is how things work in this universe of which God cannot change. He is doing all he can, and He is a loving God....
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