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Q for A - European Views of Native Americans

Q for A - European Views of Native Americans - 1 For each...

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1. For each of the written sources and woodcuts, what point or points was the author or artist trying to make about Americans? Columbus saw that the Native Americans were simply not as civilized. They did  not have the same faith as the western world, but nevertheless had beliefs, and  above all are not purely savages but only a small handful. Juan Gines on the other  hand, saw them as savages, barbaric and evil, and deemed them as slaves.  Bartolome was on the same side with Columbs, and added to the fact that the  natives were in fact teachable and in every way equal to the western world if not  better. 1. How many different “interpretations” of Native Americans’ essential characteristics can you discover? I can find mainly two interpretations. Guileless, friendly, hospitable, but not as  civilized, yet teachable. On the opposite spectrum, evil, barbaric, incapable,  inferior.
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