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I NTRODUCTION Have you ever had a tune that got stuck in your head but didn’t know the name of it? Have you ever wanted to look up a piece of music and had to reference Opus numbers which were hard to remember? Well, look no further, several research groups and companies are on the verge of breakthrough in implementing a music retrieval system that seems promising. In this analysis, we shall look at the various approaches done that will enable the creation of a music search engine where you can sing the tune and it will find it for you! Our focus would be to see if the techniques employed are feasible and which would be the best solution to put your time and money in for investment. (State a summary of the results here!) M ETHOD Although the idea of creating a music search engine by using sound input seems fascinating, and would benefit the cravings of musicians and the general public wherein the large user base may
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Unformatted text preview: give rise to enormous profits, one needs to look at several aspects of costs associated in development, upkeep and deployment. Performance cannot be neglected either, if searching for a song takes an hour, it isn’t really practical. Also, if the returned query results are largely inaccurate, neither is the resulting product and service of any use. You might as well revert to the more mature text based search techniques on the title of the song or name of the artist. R ESULT The following is a table that summarizes the costs and performances of various approaches. A PPROACH #1: Q UERY BY H UMMING T ECHNIQUE C OST OF DEPLOYMENT A CCURACY OF RESULT A PPROACH #2: Q UERY BY E XAMPLE T ECHNIQUE C OST OF DEPLOYMENT A CCURACY OF RESULT D ISCUSSION C ONCLUSION (Restate result and findings and put forth a recommendation)...
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