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To: Professor Lia Carter-Hadley From: Kieran Tsai Date: November 1, 2010 Re: Analysis Review Process Introduction The review of the analysis paper done by Kevin was rather smooth. His paper was presented well and easy to follow. I simply read his paper carefully and noted down/critiqued areas that I felt were obvious issues. Strengths of the Review I have made most of my attention on the analysis process, and reviewed thoroughly his methodology and reasoning against my own reasoning and knowledge. Weaknesses of the Review I have not paid a lot of attention on APA format and looked into specific details on layout and design. The paper was well presented and I didn’t experience any issue and so I assumed that all went well. I probably could have also focused on more positive points of the paper a bit more
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Unformatted text preview: and present specific examples of what he did well. I felt that the review I gave was highly negative. Suggestions for Assignment Modification The review was a great assignment. However, with the evaluation of the grade that we had to give to the reviewed paper, I think it would be helpful to know if there was any point distribution over the categories of audience, purpose and research etc. I consider that the Purpose section was the most significant in the entire project and should be weighed most heavily. However, I gave the grade as if all categories were treated equal. It would be helpful also to give examples of over critical review. I actually wonder if my review was too critical....
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