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S TUDENTS W HO S LEEP BY K EVIN S EVERTS Evaluated by Kieran Tsai I NTRODUCTION The report on the effect of insufficient sleep for college students was very concise and easy to read. The intent was clear but I wonder how useful the analysis really is. The best word I can come up to describe how I felt about the analysis report was “shallow”. The premise of the analysis was that students don’t know the benefits of sufficient sleep; in which I disagree. I personally believe that students know the facts but still fail to gain sufficient sleep. My opinions aside, I find that the scope and limitation of the analysis was not sufficiently addressed and as consequently, many questions come to mind as I read. For example, sleep is essential, and it has been shown in studies that 7-9 hours of sleep is necessary. However, not only is insufficient sleep a problem, more than sufficient sleep can also be problematic. The analysis was good at pointing out the down side to insufficient sleep, but failed to mention the positives of having insufficient sleep if any. I personally felt bias more and more as I read. The following is a more detailed review. A UDIENCE The audience was clear. I liked how you used the phrase, “The research done was aimed at college aged students around the age of 18-25.” (p. 1) and there was no doubt to who you’re addressing. The question considering the negative effects of insufficient sleep was certainly addressed, and recommendation and reference to help on how to prevent insufficient sleep was also mentioned in the conclusion. Hence I see no needs that have been overlooked. P URPOSE As outlined in the introduction where I gave my first impressions of the report, I find the purpose of the report weak. It was clear, but the analysis was not built strong enough and in many instances weak. The following are a few issues: “The process I chose to gather my data was to narrow my searches using the keywords indicated in my Abstract page.” (p. 2) - Such detail seems to be “fluff” and has no significance. I would be
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