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Memorandum TO: Lia Carter-Hadley FROM: Kieran Tsai DATE: November 30, 2010 RE: Case Study Process Memo Introduction : Throughout the semester I had the opportunity to study the assigned case studies and thought on them for about 10mins and writing a response. It was an enjoyable activity; however, coming up with the best solution or course of action wasn’t always straight forward. The following is a summary of my strengths and weaknesses and what I’ve learnt by doing this project. Strengths of the finished project : Being able to write concisely. Showed evidence of thought. Attempted to find the best solution or response possible within the given time period.
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Unformatted text preview: • Answered the prompt of each case study directly. • Clear stance on ethical issues. Weaknesses of the finished project : • Short in length. • Occasionally missing the explanation of why I chose to respond the way I did. • Missed one case study. • Lack of organization due to limited time constraint. Valuable Learning : • How to think critically in a short period of time. (comes with practice) • Dealing with ethical issues that aren’t so clear cut. • Memo formatting. Possible Assignment Modifications : I do not feel that any modification to the assignment is necessary....
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