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Final Case Study Memo

Final Case Study Memo - • The confidence in writing memos...

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Memorandum TO: Lia Carter-Hadley FROM: Kieran Tsai DATE: November 30, 2010 RE: Case Study Final Memo Completion : I’ve completed 16 out of the 17 total case studies. What I have gained: I have found that sometimes even things that seem obscure or insignificant can have great influence. For example, distorted graphs and whether or not an incident report should be written. I’ve discovered that I was able to write a little longer on later assignments and so perhaps I was gaining the ability to write memos better and more quickly in a short period of time; however, that was not always the case as some case studies were rather straight forward and I did not see the need to write more than what I did.
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Unformatted text preview: • The confidence in writing memos and giving response to tricky scenarios. My Responses: I generally had no problem in dealing with what actions to take when ethics is in question. While reviewing my memos, I have found that I am really up front and have a clear stance on the issues at hand. However, I guess the real question for me is if I really would do those things that I’ve written; that is if I would be able to withstand the pressure from peers or the pressure from finding a quick escape. Knowing what you should do is one thing, doing them is another....
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