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To: Professor Lia Carter-Hadley From: Kieran Tsai Date: October 27, 2010 Re: Library Memo Name of the Librarian: Peter Zuber The Most Valuable Resource: The best article databases available, how one can obtain actual text including Google scholars. The hierarchy of the primary and secondary sources in his power point slide which he e-mailed to me. How the session could have been more helpful: I think the session was just right. It was not fast paced, and there were plenty of examples. I didn’t think RefWorks was worth mentioning as the tutorial was on the Library Assignment we had to do on BlackBoard. An annotated list of three resources presented in your session:
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Unformatted text preview: -Google Scholars: The librarian was kind to let us know that a lot of authors host their papers on Google and so if you cannot find the full text document to something on an article you may be able to find it on Google Scholars.-The Subject Guide Web Page: After you selected your subject area, there are two sections of resource lists that have been compiled for you. One of which is for background and contextual information, the other are the best article databases available.-RefWorks: A website that automatically imports your found resources and outputs a bibliography to a chosen format....
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