NotesMatt12-16 - Matthew 12 The event depicted in Matthew...

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Matthew 12 The event depicted in Matthew 12 focuses on an issue of Pharisaic law, the belief that rubbing wheat from the chaff on the Sabbath was considered threshing and against the law of Moses. Jesus’ disciples could legally glean the fields that had already been harvested, but certain actions associated with rubbing the wheat off the chaff were considered sinful. Some local Pharisees questioned his actions, to which Jesus could have easily pointed out that it was an issue of their law. Sadducees, for example, would not have considered Jesus’ actions sinful. To answer their inquiry, Jesus pointed out that David ate the sacrament bread (here called the shewbread) and that infants born on Friday are circumcised eight days later on the Sabbath. Both of these actions were technically breaking the law, but both were acceptable because a greater good came of it, i.e. David, the Lord’s anointed was able to escape, and infants were able to receive saving ordinances at the required time. Jesus then taught them that he was greater than the Sabbath (meaning the commandments associated with keeping the Sabbath holy) and that they should likewise grant him an exception to that law. After a series of healings, Jesus’ opponents finally came up with a solution that they thought explained his miracles. They believed that he was healing by the power of Satan, to which Jesus responded by asking whether such an assumption could be true. Jesus’ logic was that
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NotesMatt12-16 - Matthew 12 The event depicted in Matthew...

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