2_Western Frontiers

2_Western Frontiers - John Deere steel-faced plow James...

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Terms and Outline “The Great Spirit has put it exactly in the right place”: Western Frontiers I. The West in American History Two challenges: What? So What? Frederick Law Olmsted, “frontier thesis” II. Economic Frontiers A. Mining 1. major strikes Pike’s Peak or Bust” Klondyke Peter O’Riley and Patrick McLaughlin—Comstock Lode 2. impact Virginia City, Nevada Philip Deidesheimer, Adolph Sutro B. Railroads 1. post-war boom Chicago 2. Trans-Continental RR Union Pacific, Central Pacific Promontory Point, Utah 3. impact C. Cattle 1. cattle as linchpin of Western development-- longhorns 2. foundations of industry 3. cattle drives Sedalia Trail—“Texas fever” Chisholm Trail—Abilene, KS St. Elmo’s Fire 4. cattle ranches bonanza Joseph Glidden—barbed wire Johnson County Range War III. Homesteading Frontier A. Why homestead? Homestead Act, 1862 B. Who homesteaded? Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail Exodusters—Buffalo Soldiers C. Trials of Homesteading Dry farming
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Unformatted text preview: John Deere, steel-faced plow James Oliver, chilled-iron plow—sodbuster Bonanza farms D. Challenges Soddy—Nebraska marble, Kansas bricks Dugout School-Children’s Storm, 1888 IV. Native American Frontier A. Transformation of Native Life 1. buffalo/American bison Buffalo Bill Cody, buffalo robes Pawnee, Blackfeet 2. reservation/concentration concentration policy reservations—Indian Peace Commission 3. conversion/education Carlisle Indian School Dawes Act Burke Act 4. Advocates Helen Hunt Jackson, A Century of Dishonor, 1881 B. Violence— Indian Wars (1860-1890) 1. Sand Creek, CO—1864 Cheyenne, Arapaho Col. John Chivington Chief Black Kettle “nits make lice” Kiowa, Comanche, Sioux, Blackfoot, Crow 2. Chief Joseph—Nez Perce 3. Battle of Little Big Horn—1876 Gen. George Custer Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse 4. Geronimo—Apaches, 1886 Gen. Miles Fort Pickens, Fort Sill 5. Wounded Knee, SD—1890 Ghost Dance Paiute--Wovoka...
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  • Cheyenne, Frederick Law Olmsted, Battle of the Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull, Chief Black Kettle, Gen. George Custer

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2_Western Frontiers - John Deere steel-faced plow James...

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