7_The 1920s - Terms and Outline The 1920s Roaring? Sure,...

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Terms and Outline The 1920s Roaring? Sure, but that was a reaction to the devastation of World War I. There were other reactions, too—fear, defiance, and bewilderment. All of these features were symptomatic of an American public coping with the brutal awakening the war had imposed on their consciousness. Indeed, the 1920s were often reactionary, but nothing in the era was done half-way, and it all came together to create the “Roaring Twenties” we know. I. Fear A. Immediate post-war life extended the horror and uncertainty of the war 1. unplanned demobilization 2. Spanish flu (Spring 1918-June 1919) Killed 20 million people worldwide—twice the death toll of WWI Killed 675,000 Americans by its end—more than the Civil War Killed 43,000 servicemen by September 1918 Killed 196,000 Americans in October 1918—Philly buried 500+/day *no disease, war, famine, or natural disaster in the history of the world killed so many people in so little time. 3. Bolshevik Revolution (1919) Red Scare J. Edgar Hoover, General Intelligence Division B. Nativism, Fundamentalism, and Prohibition 1. Nativism a . Sacco and Vanzetti Case (1920) Slater and Morrill Shoe Co. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti—I mmigs. and anarchists b. resurgence of the Klan 2. Fundamentalism Scopes Trial (1925) in Dayton, TN—“monkey trial” John Scopes Clarence Darrow vs. W.J. Bryan 3. Prohibition 18 th Amendment (1919) the apex and last gasp of Progressivism Moonshine, speakeasies, bootlegging Organized crime—Al Capone Meet a “legitimate demand.” “Some call it racketeering. I call i t b u s i n e s s . Bugs Moran, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre E l i o t N e s s
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II. Defiance F. Scott Fitzgerald on 1920s: “the greatest, gaudiest spree in history”
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7_The 1920s - Terms and Outline The 1920s Roaring? Sure,...

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