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9_Depression Part II - C Power to the People Tennessee...

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Terms and Outline Freedom from Want: The Depression, FDR, and the New Deal (Part II) I. Three means for survival in the 1930s Stability/Perspective/Experience Escapism New Deal: Relief, Reform, Recovery II. FDR launches the New Deal Alphabet soup A. Three Phases 1. First ND (1933-1935) 2. Second ND (mid1935-1938) 3. Third ND (1938-WWII) B. First Hundred Days—“brain trust” III. New Deal matures—signature programs* A. Banking Emergency Banking Relief Act B. Agriculture Goal: raise income + Method: cut production=??? Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)-Spring 1933 Immediate effect: 10 million acres and 6 million pigs slashed Immediate problem: consistency and Supreme Court Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act (1936) New AAA (1938) Consequences Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union
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Unformatted text preview: C. Power to the People Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Rural Electrification Administration (REA)—1935 IV. Legacy of the New Deal 8 Consequences, intended and otherwise V. Visions of American Survival—the Photographic Legacy of the Great Depression *The New Deal is an extensive body for investigation and lecture—I’ve selected just a couple to highlight. It is important that you review additional New Deal programs to get a sense of the scope of what the New Deal tried to accomplish. I have provided you with a link to a list (NOT exhaustive) of other major New Deal legislation and programs. As with lecture and readings, you’ll be responsible for that material: http://home.earthlink.net/~gfeldmeth/chart.newdeal.html...
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